Advertising Policy

Advertising Policy

At Genius Gurus, our aim is to establish trust within the tech community. Transparency is fundamental in building connections with our readers, and when it comes to advertising on our platform, clarity and openness are paramount.

We collaborate with pertinent organizations in our industry to bring beneficial products and services to you and our audience. Prioritizing your interests, we meticulously select our partners, always adhering to strict advertising guidelines to maintain your trust.

Advertising Guidelines

In sponsorship opportunities, it is essential that the promoted product or service is accurate and not misleading. Rest assured, our advertising channels have no influence on our editorial sections. We are committed to aiding readers in distinguishing between our content and advertising, which may manifest in various forms, such as:

Sponsored content involves collaboration with an advertiser on relevant topics. While we may consider input on relevant topic areas, we maintain editorial autonomy. Sponsored content is clearly identified with a byline stating ‘Presented By’ or ‘Featured Partner.

Affiliate Programs

We may earn from products or services bought through Genius Gurus. Content associated with affiliate programs is marked: ‘This post contains affiliate links.

Social media posts containing advertising content will be unmistakably marked with phrases such as ‘Presented by,’ ‘Sponsored,’ ‘Partner Promotion,’ ‘Thanks Sponsor,’ or ‘Ad’.

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